Sunday, 12 March 2017

Days 5 & 6 of our celebrations

Our week of celebrations ended with a noon-day reading by Kate Cox of extracts from some of the highly-commended entries to our prose competition, the completion of Clare Jarrett's response to Deborah Arnander's winning story The Wife and her noon-day talk about creating her installation, and our launch in Nunns Yard Gallery of our newest anthology Words And Women: Four. Here are a few photos from these events. We will put more up over time - today we are having a rest! - but in the meantime would like to thank our collaborators Print To The People, Clare Jarrett and Chalk Circle Theatre Company,  everybody who took part in the celebrations, who gave up their time and their considerable skills, and everybody who came along to see the art, hear the readings and watch the performances. Thank you!
Deborah Arnander
Clare Jarrett - installation

Clare Jarrett - installation

Kate Cox

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Day 4 of our celebrations

Today Su Squire read The Wife, the national winning story from our prose competition,  in Nunns Yard Gallery. The artwork is by Jo Stafford from Print To The People and is in response to the story written by Deborah Arnander.
Sue Squire readings Deborah Arnander's The Wife
Tomorrow at noon in the gallery Kate Cox will read three extracts from highly-commended works included in our anthology Words And Women: Four. The extracts include the start of a non-fiction piece Dear Shadow by Kate Feld, the beginning of a short story called  Sorry Business by Lilie Ferrari, and another called Private Parts by Cherise Saywell. For more details see our dedicated blog page IWD 17.
Clare Jarrett's work in 13A

Clare Jarrett & Deborah Arnander

Today has also been Day 4 of Clare Jarrett's residency in 13A which is just down the road from Nunns Yard Gallery. She too is working in response to The Wife and was paid a surprise visit by the story's author Deborah Arnander who dropped in to see her work. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Day 3 of our celebrations

Going High  - named after Michelle Obama’s exhortation  ‘when they go low, we go high’ - took place at different locations in Norwich. 5 women - Camilla Balshaw, Adina Levay, Haleigh Diane-Kling, Su Squire, Kate Cox - acted as a form of street busker but with words not music.  They  read inspirational words written by women at different pedestrianised locations in the city centre.
Adina Levay, Artistic Director of Chalk Circle Theatre Company, staged the event  in collaboration with Words And Women in aid of the charity ECPAT - > Campaigning against child trafficking and transnational child exploitation
To read an article on the event published in the EDP click here


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Day 2 of our week of celebrations

The exhibition with collaborators Print To The People opens at Nunns Yard Gallery, and Elisabeth 'Bob' Stothers reads Melissa Fu's elegiac Suite For My Father. 
The exhibition is open all week and there will be more noon day readings on the 9th & 10th March. Tomorrow afternoon Print To The People will be running a badge-making workshop in the gallery, and Words & Women will be 'Going High' in Norwich city centre. See our dedicated blog page IWD 17 for more details. 

Elisabeth Stothers reading in front of prints relating to Suite For My Father by Melissa Fu

Prints by Maria Pavledis in response to Deborah Arnander's story The Wife 
Vicki Johnson's print in response to Suite For My Father by Melissa Fu