Sunday, 10 March 2013

More photos/Matilda Pine

Here’s a photo from our event in the Fusion Digital Gallery. This is Lynne Bryan and Belona Greenwood, the organizers of Words And Women, welcoming everybody. The images to the left and right of them are images from the Drawing Exhibition which is still on in the Forum Atrium until Monday 11th March.

And here's a photo of Matilda Pine who sang for us at the Young Girls Reading, 8th March in the express section of the Norfolk And Norwich Millennium Library.

Matilda is 17 years old and is studying photography, performance studies and film studies at the Hewett Sixth Form in Norwich. She’s a young singer songwriter and has been writing and performing her own songs for about 3 and a half years at festivals and many other events. She says she really enjoys performing and wants to pursue it as a career, and then open a coffee shop.

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