Saturday, 1 June 2013


Harriet Martineau was the daughter of a Norwich textile manufacturer, born in 1802, and was one of the leading thinkers of her generation. She was a prolific writer and published twenty-five didactic novels in a series called Illustrations of Political Economy; the first sociological research text, How to Observe Morals and Manners; three volumes on her field work in the United States, Society in America; and a book on her research in the Middle East, Eastern Life: Present and Past. Ali Smith, one of our best living writers - and a woman, and living and writing in the East of England! - chose Martineau as her subject for the inaugural Norwich UNESCO City of Literature Lecture in May this year. The event was organized by the Writers’ Centre Norwich, as part of The Norfolk And Norwich Festival, and a review of the lecture can be found by clicking here

An article written by Kira Cochrane for The Guardian about women and publishing in Britain today is also worth a read. Click here for more.

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