Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Katy Armes – our garden festival artist

We are lucky to have two wonderful women artists - Katy Armes and Clare Jarrett - who are creating works for our garden festival at the Plantation Garden on the 24th May . Clare is making a large site-specific work and Katy is coming to the garden on the day and responding to the environment by creating some subtle interventions. She will be giving a talk about her work during the festival too.

Katy graduated in Fine Art from Norwich University College of the Arts in 2010.  She’s an artist who particularly enjoys working site specifically, often treating the space her work occupies as a material in itself. Whilst her practice employs a variety of media, according to the idea being explored at the time, she often intervenes with what is already there, re-presenting it in a different way. This may make us question the space and what we may normally notice.

Recent projects have included the Nakanojo Biennale, Japan in the autumn of 2013, in which Katy was invited to respond to the undisturbed space of an old house in a small mountain village, and 'Here I Am', a residency at the Burning Bush Barn at Rockland St Mary during Lent 2014. 

More information about Katy can be found on her website by clicking here

And more information about our garden festival can be found on our dedicated blog page.

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