Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Our Saboteur shortlisting

Julianne Pachico reading from her story "Kurt Cobain's Son"
Thank you to everybody who voted for us to win the Saboteur Awards for Best One-Off Event for our IWD celebrations on the 8th March this year. Sadly we weren’t awarded first prize but are thrilled that 264 of you voted for us which is  much more than we expected, and many of you offered lovely comments on the event too. So thank you! Here are just a few of your comments:

A fresh way to highlight this important topic.
A wonderful lively event. Free! And packed!
Addressing continuing sexism.
A celebration of women is always good.
Because it was one of the very few events to celebrate women's writing, and give women writers a platform to read their work.
Because no matter what naysayers say, the battle isn't yet won, and every effort of this kind has my full and loud support.
Best in category.
Brings women together in a creative, meaningful way.
Celebratory and moving.
Crucial to have something like this just for women. It has a wonderful team.
Fabulous event, well-organised, inspiring.
From funny and thought-provoking readings to powerful and emotive dramatic monologues, the Words and Women International Women's Day event was an excellent showcase of work from a range of talented female artists.
Great bunch of people. Extremely welcoming and supportive.
I am all for celebrating women's achievements *and* marking the continuing struggle for equality!
Imaginative, celebratory, touching - and packed!
Inclusive and high quality event.
Interesting and educational.
Please, please celebrate this women's event! This was wonderful, and touched so many people.
Really enjoyable event with serious overtones.
So many "it's not just me!" moments.
They create a fantastic atmosphere of growth and nurturing women's writing, as well as making the event open and exciting to a range of audience. Not only this, but it was a warm and humble event that instantly made it a memorable experience, one that hit a rapport with a variety of people. I would recommend to anyone to come to their next event - it's worth it.
This event was so inspiring, really well attended and a variety of readers and performers - this variety was reflected in the audience too. Words and Women are doing really good work for women writers in the East of England.
Truly significant. Unique.
Well presented, informative.
Women are making all the best art right now.
Wonderful community event, inclusive and popular. Unfailing commitment to this special gathering by the team behind it. Tireless effort in making it happen.

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