Wednesday, 8 July 2015

More Crowdfunding

As a follow-on from last week’s post, here’s some further information about popular crowdfunding sites:

This is probably the most popular crowdfunding site on the internet. It has raised a total of 220 million dollars from 61,000 projects so far. See last week’s post for more details.

IndieGoGo – 
This platform is slightly different from Kickstarter because there’s a funding option called ‘Flexible Funding’ which means you don’t have to reach your funding goal in order to access your donated money. IndieGoGo charges a higher fee for this which is 9% of your total.

Go Fund Me – 
This is the best fundraising option for a variety of projects, raising funds for a cause, for example, or for a personal travel plan – perhaps a research trip for a book you want to write - or medical or even vets bills. Go Fund Me takes 5% from every donation placed.

Patreon – 
This site was funded in 2013 and was created to help fans engage with the artists and creators they love. Instead of backing large projects, fans can donate a monthly amount to encourage creators to produce regular content. Many visual artists, included filmmakers, are supported on this site but it can work for writers too. Patreon takes 5% of donated fees.

Please note that all crowdfunding sites will take a fee and there will also be charge fees too, either Paypal fees or credit cards fees. These will take a further  2 – 5% from your donations.

Next week we will look at two publishing/funding platforms which are specifically aimed at authors who don’t want to go down the traditional publishing route.

With many thanks to Melissa Brown for the above info.  

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