Thursday, 3 March 2016

Emily Winng and Karen Reilly to perform at our fifth anniversary celebrations!

It's time to introduce Emily Winng and Karen Reilly of The Neutrinos who will also be playing at  our fifth anniversary celebrations on the 7th March at the Norwich Arts Centre, along with Sink Ya Teeth and Kimberley Moore. Here's some info about these amazing musicians. 
By the way, all of our performers, writers and musicians are giving their time for free on the night, in order for us to raise funds for future Words And Women projects and also the worthwhile charity Women For Refugee Women which challenges the injustices experienced by women who seek asylum in the UK. We can't thank everybody enough. It promises to be a fantastic night. Please come along and support us all. Tickets are a snip at £5 and you can order them in advance from the NAC website

Emily Winng

Emily Winng is one quarter of Sargasso Trio, going solo-ish for a while. Expect songs of heartache, revenge, and just some bloody bad language. Throw in a bit of beer bottle percussion and some good ole hollerin and wailin and you got yourself a set of ramshackle crazy woman songs.

Karen Reilly (c) Lisa Stirling
Karen Reilly is a member of The Neutrinos, a blues-art-punk band, touring and inventing since the turn of the century. In Toronto, Karen was hailed as a saviour to women in rock, "What Courtney Love should have done... She'll blow your ears out and scare the hell out of you." Torontowide Magazine. 

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