The Compendium

The Words And Women Compendium is a brave and vibrant collection of short prose which represents the best of four years of Words and Women’s annual competition showcase anthologies, as well as the work  of our 2018 winners, Kerry Hood and Margaret Meyer.

Edited by Lynne Bryan and Belona Greenwood, this eclectic collection of bold and compelling texts will take you on an odyssey of women’s experiences. Slip between these pages to a courtyard in Kabul. Linger in a river while danger gathers on the bank or wonder what to say to Kurt Cobain’s son. Combat a bear in the Canadian wastes. Savour the memory of childhood, encounter group hysteria, rage against injustice and the destruction of innocence. Witness the coming of age, survive thwarted passion, and marvel at the secret life of cornflakes. There is all of life described here in this richly written, complex and ambitious book.


Cornflake Girl by Lora Stimson
Kurt Cobain’s Son by Julianne Pachico
My Sister’s Haircut by Dani Redd
Room Service by Claudine Toutoungi
Scalpelling Through by Sarah Evans
Sorry Business by Lilie Ferrari
The Call by Caroline Jackson
The Once And Only First Lady Judge by Margaret Meyer
The Sunbathers by Kerry Hood
The Time of Assassinations by Nasrin Parvaz
The Wife by Deborah Arnander
Thin Walls by Sarah Ridgard
You Have What You Want by Anthea Morrison


A Canary in Kabul by Antoinette Moses
Did You Eat Lunch by Hannah Garrard
Sunday Tea Kate by Harmond Allan
For the Records by Lois Williams
Suite for My Father by Melissa Fu
The Bear by Louise Dumayne

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We will be launching The Compendium at  The Book Hive, 53 London Street, Norwich on Friday 9th March, 6.30pm. Readings from Deborah Arnander, Margaret Meyer, Lilie Ferrari and Lora Stimson. Refreshments too!

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