Space is a short film made by Words And Women in conjunction with Jean Hogg of Campbell Cloud Films. It was shown at The Lounge, St Benedicts Street, Norwich, at Words And Women's International Women's Day event, 8th March 2014. It was also shown on the Norfolk And Norwich Millennium Library screens and Norfolk On-line.

Director Jean Hogg filming
actress Gemma Johnston

How the film was made:

  • Words And Women invited blog readers and W&W members to send photos of their writing spaces and thoughts about these spaces to a project blog. We asked a number of questions - Where do women write these days? At home? In an office? At a friend’s house? On a park bench or at a table in a cafĂ© or sitting on a rock on the beach or at a desk in a library? Is the space ideal? - and had a number of responses -  but sadly too few to weave into a film in the time we had available. We have included some of the images sent in by writers at the bottom of  this page.
  • Consequently, we rethought our approach and quickly gathered together a group of young and not-so-young writers and recorded them talking about writing space and process. A lot of laughter. A lot of startling revelations!
  • The film's director, Jean Hogg of Campbell Cloud Films, then listened to the audio  and devised a script with the help of Lynne Bryan and Belona Greenwood (W&W organisers) .
  • Next Jean built a bank of images from filming in outside spaces, rural and urban, and interiors throughout Norfolk.
  • The final process included the editing and layering of images with the sound.
  • After which the film was sent to the BBFC for certification. 
  • Many thanks to everybody who gave up their time and sometimes their equipment to help with the making of this film. This list is not exhaustive but thanks to Charlotte Creed, Sarah Ridgard, Clare Jarrett, Sarah Poulton, Hayley Long, Deborah Arnander, and Raymond Noakes. Jean Hogg writes too that 'Although not everyone made it into the edit I love to thank the following people for their help and support: Alan Southgate and family, Gemma Johnston, my dear friend Anna McRae, Laura & Eileen Futter, Chloe & Sian Diggines.'

Jax Burgoyne
Hannah Walker

Sarah Passingham

Kate Foley

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