Sunday, 15 March 2015

More photos from our IWD event

Hetty Rance - Shaddup
The second half of our event on International Women’s day was devoted to our Arts Council supported project About. Extracts from the commissioned scripts which feature women and place were performed in the Fusion Digital Gallery in The Forum, Norwich. Adina Levay of Chalk Circle Theatre was Director and she made great use of the space and the screens. This group of images comes from the first two extracts,  from Shaddup written by Lilie Ferrari and performed by Hetty Rance, and Trouble & Strife  written by Jenny Ayres and performed by Kate Cox. We’ll feature images from the final performances tomorrow.

Lilie Ferrari introducing Shaddup
Jenny Ayres introducing Trouble & Strife
Kate Cox and Adina Levay - Trouble & Strife

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