Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Thanks to everybody who came to our IWD event!

We had a fantastic time on Sunday. The readings, music and performed extracts of our About commissions were more than wonderful and  we will post images of the writers and performers later on this week, but firstly we’re posting some great sketches by Rachel Macrorie  of our audience by way of a thank you to the many people who turned up to watch the event – a brilliant mix of men, women and children of all ages. It was heartening to see and hugely encouraging for everybody involved. Thank you.

Some info about Rachel: Rachel Macrorie is an environmental social scientist interested in how technical, social and political innovations for sustainability interact with people's everyday lives. She will soon complete her PhD at the University of East Anglia, which examines a particular building standard (the Code for Sustainable Homes) as a form of low-energy innovation in housing infrastructure.

For relaxation Rachel enjoys sketching and drawing, particularly people in their social and environmental settings. She has recently joined the international urban sketchers group, and meets monthly with the Norwich group. For more information see -

A keen supporter of women's equal rights and pay, and an avid reader, Rachel was excited to celebrate the literary, musical and creative achievements of women from the region at the Words and Women event.

Rachel says: 'It was great to see such a well attended event. I particularly enjoyed hearing the beautiful and inspiring music of Anna Mudeka and the fantastically performed dramatic interpretations of real historical female figures and their experiences.'

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